banuHi There!

My name is Banu. Welcome to my blog. This blog came out of my realization that the question I seem to ask people who inspire me, “How did you do it?” and my passion for small business overlap beautifully. I am incredibly drawn to stories about the personal intersection between a successful business and the business owner. This is very juicy to me.

These people are courageous. They broke through their own barriers or found a way to do something that is authentic to them. Sometimes they stuck to only one marketing strategy to work with, ignoring everything else. It may go against what some business coaches teach out there but it worked for them. And this empowers them! That is a really cool thing to capture. I do hope you find inspiration and courage as you listen to these interviews. I feel uplifted, inspired and motivated every time!

I also want to be able to provide a resource for small business owners (and those who want to start one) to glean pearls of personal wisdom from these successful entrepreneurs. To me, hearing the personal side of a struggle rather than just the business struggling is much more valuable than a business book with theories, principles and marketing tactics. Each tactic becomes personalized by the user. And it is that personalization process that intrigues me.

The pattern I see is that these entrepreneurs overcame something within themselves -while riding on the back of their strengths. There is a different feel about them. They seem comfortable with themselves. Growing their business has helped them grow  personally. This is a pretty powerful thing to experience and engage with for me.

Professionally, I am an intuitive coach for business and life. I work with clients to help them update their internal belief system and emotional/thought patterns. I basically help them create changes on the inner in order to change their outer. When they are business owners what they are struggling with is actually not their business but their belief system about themselves and the world (money, fear of failure or visibility etc) that keep them in a loop. So they can’t experience a different reality. Not possible. Quantum physics. I know this personally because as uncomfortable as discovering some of my limiting beliefs were, it was equally joyful to break out of an old pattern and find freedom to express my gifts differently. This is my personal story in a nutshell. This is why I care to hear the personal story behind the successful business. This is why I do what I do.

My wish is that this blog becomes a common ground where we find inspiration together and gain wisdom shared by those who have walked the success path personally.

I would love comments, suggestions and sharing of personal stories.

Welcome. :)

PS: You can contact me at: banusekendur@gmail.com


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