A little ambition goes a long way…

Guess what? It is OK to be ambitious about your business. There is nothing wrong with saying, “I want to go all the way” or “I want it all”  . Why do we have to stay small?

Colin Christianson, owner of Tenacious Ventures, definitely does not plan on staying small or playing small. He is someone who says “Yes” to life and to opportunities with open arms and gives it all he’s got.  Seems to be working for him! Giving all he’s got includes being present and responding to an opportunity and not being tied to an image that is not the authentic him.

Colin says, : “I want to raise the world’s level of sophistication through interactive media and technology”.  He has the tools and the passion for it. I am curious to see how his career unfolds from here. Working on a project and being directly communication with Bill Gates is no small affirmation of one’s like-ability and the quality of the service they provide. I mean he is selling his digital technology service to one of “the makers” of technology! Not bad, Colin, not bad. :)

I see Colin as someone who has a plan and doesn’t plan on stopping for excuses. I found a quality in him, which I think every entrepreneur needs to develop: being honest with yourself. He can look back and identify his mistakes and where he could have done better. He is not afraid to say it.  It makes him human. It makes him likeable. I am not saying that you should walk around confessing your mistakes to strangers. But maybe allowing ourselves to be human and transparent can build real relationships.

There are some beautiful pearls of wisdom in this interview. The energy of  my conversation with Colin was VERY different than all of my other interviews. There is some kind of fire in him that sets him apart in presence and how he presents himself.

Yes. Let’s say yes to success. Nothing wrong with wanting to be successful and make a good living while loving what you do in exchange for money. Nothing.

Click here to listen to my interview with Colin


Colin Christianson





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