One single marketing tool that can transform your practice

You know how everyone is telling us what we need to figure out in order to be successful with our business? Well, here is Astara Wright, owner of, who put all that aside and went with one marketing tool that transformed her practice.  No matter how much I bugged her to do this or that for marketing, she just stuck with what she knows and continued hosting her events and teaching her classes. And it works. Because she is doing it her way.

When you listen to this short and powerful interview, you will see a great example of how authentic expression of self can be a powerful brand. Astara shared the personal story behind the power of her work and her faith in it. When we see someone benefiting from their own “medicine” (or hear a heartfelt story about it), we put our faith into that practitioner. Honestly, we put our faith in something before we put our money in it. The same goes for people. We usually rationalize a heart decision with logic.

Obviously, I am biased. She is one of my closest friends and I love her. But Astara is not only a good friend but someone I trust and respect- both as a person and as a practitioner.  We had a fun and intimate conversation. I even corrected her English (!!) but she forgave me for my lack of tact. ;)  This is a fun interview that will give you hope and that extra supportive juju that you may be needing. You can be human and be a successful business owner. We can be light about it. This is what this interview is about.

YAY to being ourselves, telling our truth and having that be the driving force for our business!

Click here to listen to my interview with Astara


Astara Wright

EnergyMedicine Practitioner

Advanced EFT practitioner

Licenced massage therapist



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