Failure can lead to your biggest success

Who doesn’t love a good story? Especially the story of the hero’s journey. The main character finds himself in a difficult situation and wants to quit. Maybe his worst nightmare came true or the crisis hit him out of nowhere. Now he needs to evaluate his options and he needs to look into the consequences of quitting. He identifies what he wants more than what he fears and takes on the challenge.

That is the story I heard from George Huang, founder and owner of A successful business coach and someone I respect.

George spent 15 years towards his dream of becoming a plastic surgeon. He wanted to help people gain back their lives after disasters that altered how they look and effect how they feel about themselves. He didn’t know how to run a healthcare business and almost ended up filing for bankruptcy. He faced his ego and found out who he is behind the identity of a medical doctor and saw that he didn’t need the title of a doctor to feel good about himself and his contribution to the world.

This interview is a little longer than the others I have done. It was hard to stop talking to George. His story is worth hearing about. Especially, don’t miss the juicy part about how he developed a system where you can make a six figure income in 76 days. This was back in 2005 and his system still works, if you work it.

Click here to listen to my interview with George Huang

George Huang, Business consultant

George Huang


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