The delicious intersection of who you are and what you love to do…

There are those people who have a message and write a book about how they got there and how to use this message out in the world. And there are those people who live to write. Jen is in the latter category. Jennifer Worick is a professional writer.

I am impressed by her level of productivity, self-discipline and ability to share herself in her work. She is not a word factory, she is someone who spreads messages with words. She has written 25 books, has been featured on BBC, LA Times, NY Post, Oprah magazine, etc. and has gone on many books tours.

Her very candid and fun to read blog is very personal. She mirrors life back to us from an angle that makes her Jen. There is a little bit of us in her and there is a little bit of Jen in us. That is what makes her writing fun to read. She is not afraid to say it. In a way, like comedians do. I see this as a form of social service. She is a change agent who uses her words to invite people to be who they are by modeling it.

This was a very unique interview for me. Talking to her gave me the experience of witnessing  someone who has aligned who they are with what they love to do so beautifully. I had to cut the interview at 39 minutes even though I could talk to her for hours. She is extremely like-able and interesting!

Even if you have no interest in writing as a career, you will see a beautiful example of a solopreneur who has integrated who they are into the work they do, instead of doing it as a j.o.b.

PS: You will enjoy hearing her talk about interviewing a professional dominatrix and going to a real dungeon in Philadelphia.

Click here to listen to my interview with Jennifer Worick.

  Jennifer Worick

Author, publishing consultant, public speaker

Things I want to Punch in the Face


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